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There was an earlier day in my life when I had plenty of time and no money for my hobby, now I have money for my hobby and not so much time. I never stopped playing with toy soldiers "much to my mothers chagrin" exchanging the sandbox, green armymen and rocks for Donald Featherstone's book Wargames, AWI soldiers from the back of a comic book, dice and rulers. Those early games were great fun and very exciting. Eventually I graduated to more complicated systems, better miniatures, headaches, rule arguments and basically not a lot of fun. I thought about ditching the hobby altogether. I realized recently that I like a good game of toy soldiers. I like the look of toy soldiers and I like the way a simple game plays. I like the trusty d6.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Presents are Ready!

Well as the title suggests, the Christmas presents for Jaena and Jordan are ready. I wanted them to have the look of old style toy soldiers and needed a container that would properly show them off. A trip to the Container Store rewarded me with 9"x7"x3" clear boxes with tension hinges (actually my wonderful wife found them).

So in all of their glory here is the first regiment of toy soldiers to be presented to my nephew with hopes that at a later date it will spark an interest in a hobby that has served me well for the time that I have dedicated to it. He's still a little young; although, I hope that in a few years these fine chaps will ignite a little fire of delight when he views them.

And for Jaena, some Teddy Bears on parade! I suspect she will be happier with the princess gear that will accompany these little fellows in a separate box. In a few more years perhaps these guardsmen can find a place in her curio cabinet.


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