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There was an earlier day in my life when I had plenty of time and no money for my hobby, now I have money for my hobby and not so much time. I never stopped playing with toy soldiers "much to my mothers chagrin" exchanging the sandbox, green armymen and rocks for Donald Featherstone's book Wargames, AWI soldiers from the back of a comic book, dice and rulers. Those early games were great fun and very exciting. Eventually I graduated to more complicated systems, better miniatures, headaches, rule arguments and basically not a lot of fun. I thought about ditching the hobby altogether. I realized recently that I like a good game of toy soldiers. I like the look of toy soldiers and I like the way a simple game plays. I like the trusty d6.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Castle Deal

I'll add more info to this photo later but it's a great deal.

The castle is going to be 15" x 15", with 4" tall walls and 6.5" tall towers. The rampart behind in the wall is just under 3" tall and 1.5" wide.

I quickly built one of the wall pieces and put some figures around it. I'll post to my blog in the next few minutes; however it looks fine. I used an OG 28mm Ren Swiss officer, 2 30mm Redoubt Trojan War figures, 1 unpainted 28mm Crusader Norman and 3 GW 28mm Uruk Hai mini's for scale. Anyway it looks ok.


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